Digital Media and Platforms are now the best performing tool for businesses to showcase products and services. Global growth of Digital Marketing is pretty much visible and businesses are investing a lot on the platforms.

According to the recent data released, businesses are going to invest almost 20,000 crores in digital marketing of their products in the Indian market. Better trends are already in the global market. Digital media spending in 2017 was $209 billion worldwide whereas TV ad spend was $178 billion. It clearly shows the market is shifting to digital media and everyone is supposed to be there.

Staenz Academy conducts multiple workshops on Digital Marketing and Application Development at colleges and educational institutes.

Select the workshop as per your need and get in touch with us to have a workshop at your college. Our team of experts will visit and conduct an engaging and knowledgeable workshop at your campus.

Digital Marketing Workshops by Staenz

Digital marketing workshops to learn social media engagement, social media marketing, SEO and Mobile Traffic Summit.

WordPress Development Workshops by Staenz

Application development is a promising career option and programmers are doing really good. WordPress powers more than 29% websites around the world.

Many agencies are freelancers are working on WordPress projects and deliver projects worldwide. An average income of a WordPress developer is ~$2,500

Select the workshop as per your feasibility at your campus and get in touch with us.