Our Courses in Nashik
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Expert

Learn digital marketing from industry experts and get practical knowledge as well as certificate. The course covers SEO, SMM, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing. 100% Job Assistance.

WordPress Developer

WordPress Development Intensive

Become a hardcore WordPress developer with in-depth knowledge of functions and libraries. Develop custom plugins and themes as per client’s requirement and become a super developer for WordPress.

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid Application Programming for Youngster

Create Mobile Apps and Games using web languages. Learn how to create hybrid mobile apps which will run smoothly on Android as well as iOS devices. Put the seed of a creator inside a kid at young age. Choose to become a creator rather than a consumer.

Website Developer

Web Development Pro

Learn web development focused on PHP as the main server side programming language and Javascript for client-side programming. Course includes HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, JavaScript, WordPress, Codeigniter, Laravel and live projects on these languages.

Welcome to Staenz Academy!

Web and Mobile technologies keep changing almost every month and so does the skill requirements. At Staenz Academy, our goal is to educate and coach people about the latest trends in web development, mobile development, Internet Marketing etc.

With such latest in-demand skills, one can join an upcoming Startup team or even becstart his or her own venture. Skills like JavaScript libraries, API integrations, Google home and Alexa voice search integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Web development with REST API etc. one can feel like ready for now. Join Staenz Academy yo learn with the most practical and community based environment and give your career a much needed boost.

Why Staenz?

Forget the conventional institute programs, learn like a professional. Get practical knowledge with community like environment for real growth. At Staenz, the training centre is of a conference room where you not just learn to code but also improve as a professional. Get ready to be in the league.

Learning Curve and Techniques

Coach, Not Teachers

We have coaches who help you in creating something and push you to do that in surprising time. You not just learn to do but also to deliver.

Small and Compact Class

Batch size is limited to 12 and we stop registration for the batch after reaching this number. 12 people can form a good interactive class with engaging community too. At the same time, being a small number, a coach may give proper attention to every student.

Not Just Any Job

Students of Staenz Academy get placed at positions which hardly anyone can fill. With skills like React, Angular, REST API, Vue.js, WordPress, Laravel etc. you become ready to take over a good job and not just any job.


At Staenz Academy, we believe in community where we help each other in achiving their goals. All students and coaches are part of Staenz Academy and committed to help each other the same way. It is for lifetime and we believe in marathon and not just sprint.