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Won Best Digital Marketing Academy Award at Taj, Mumbai 

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Digital Marketing Training at Staenz is designed to make you expert in modules. Our trainers and senior coaches are ready to mastermind with students and get the best out of them. #UnderdogTeam

Sanjeev Mishra, CEO STAENZ receiving Best Digital Marketing Academy Award at CMO Asia Event at Taj, Mumbai on 13'th February 2020

Upgrade Skill with Live Online/Classroom Course and Become Digital Marketing Expert. Make Lockdown 2X Productive

CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional)

140 Hrs. LIVE Training

In-depth training with practical to make sure that you learn.

35 Hrs. Case Study Discussion

Real life case studies for better understanding. Examples and scenarios for engaging discussions.

100% Placement Assistance

Dedicated placement team to make sure that everyone looking for a job, gets one. Exclusive partnership with 24+ local businesses.

9 Yrs. Exp. Industry Experts

Experienced Trainers and Coaches. People who are already working on digital marketing related projects, take sessions at STAENZ.

Award winning LMS | Lifetime Access

Session recordings, Class Notes and Exclusive Video Sessions available for 1 Yr. LMS Access for Lifetime.

Complimentary Software and Kit worth Rs. 44,000/-

1 Year Server Hosting + Domain worth 7,500/- | Premium Website Design Template 6,000/- | Premium SEO Tool worth 24,000/-

Weekly Backup Sessions

Zero cancellation of Classes. In case you miss a session, weekly backup session every week on Saturday

Lifetime Support via STAENZ Assist Program

Get Help or Assistance for Lifetime. Alumni also gets regular support on Digital Marketing projects and tasks from Team STAENZ.

Global Certifications & PAN India Level Mock Test

Participate in PAN India Mock Tests and Receive Certificate with Marks. Leaderboard will be maintained for all participants.

44 Modules + 6 Bonus Sessions + 6 Recap Sessions

Unbeatable Curriculum

  •  Module 1 – Introduction to Digital Marketing 
    • Orientation with Basics of Computers & Internet
  • Module 2 – Domain & Hosting
    • What is domain & server?

    • Importance of Different Domain TLDs

    • How to purchase a domain

    • Selling a Domain & Making Money

    • How to choose the right hosting server and plan

  • Module 3 – Website Planning
    • Static & Dynamic Websites

    • Website Architecture

    • Step by Step Planning of Website

    • Wireframe Tools to Create a Layout

    • Important Aspects in Creating a High Converting Websites

  • Module 4 – Website Building & Deployment
    • Software to Build Website

    • WordPress CMS Installation on Local System

    • WordPress CMS Installation on Live Server using cPanel

    • WordPress 101

    • Theme Installation and Customization

    • Important Plugins and Purpose

    • Page Builders in WordPress

    • Live Page Creation using WordPress CMS

    • Website Optimization techniques

  • Module 5 – Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • What is SEO

    • How to rank a business in local market

    • Techniques to keep ranking on Google and other search engines in a city

    • How to break the barrier of distance in Local SEO

    • Live customization of Local Business Listings

  • Module 6 – SEO (On-page & Off-page)
    • SEO Overview for Website

    • Google’s Algorithm & Predictions

    • Black-hat & White-hat Techniques

    • What is On-page SEO

    • What is Off-page SEO

    • 30+ Important Techniques to Rank a Website on SERP

    • Effective ways to generate loyal and trustworthy back-links

    • Live customization of website for SEO

    • DO’s and Don’t in SEO

    • Yoast SEO Plugin Implementation and Setup

    • Latest SEO Impacts and Tracking

    • How to Get Back Lost Ranking

    • SEO Quotation Sample for Clients

  • Module 7 – Advance SEO Techniques
    • Generate Backlinks via Link Pyramid

    • Tools to Check Plagiarism and Optimize Content to Rank

    • RankBrain Content Optimization

    • Internal Deep Linking Process

    • Redirect 301 Backlinking

    • Domain Authority Check and Buying High DA Sites

  • Module 8 – Web Analytics Introduction
    • What is web analytics?

    • How to Track Site’s Data and Use to Improve Conversion

    • Website Analytics for third-party sites

    • Live Real-time traffic data analysis

  • Module 9 – Competition Data Analysis
    • Web Spy Tools

    • Track Competitor’s site data and set a new goal


  • Module 10 – Google Analytics for the Data Tracking
    • Google Analytics Implementation on Live Site

    • Traffic Source, Visitors Data, Location Tracking on Site

    • Goals and Conversion on Analytics

    • Managing Multiple Properties in One Dashboard

    • Page Load Time, Avg. Pageview Time, Most Popular Content Tracking

    • Tracking Income through Pages and third-party Sites


  • Module 11 – Google Ads Planning
    • Keyword Research for Ads

    • Ad Analysis in Different Location

    • Ad Content Research and Planning

    • Multiple Plans with Investment and ROI Calculations

    • Building Strategy for Google Ads

    • Live Case Studies


  • Module 12 – Search Ad by Google
    • What is Google Search Ad

    • Setup Live Search Ad for Multiple Businesses

    • Bidding Strategies in Search Ads

    • Ad Group, Ads, Location Targeting, Scheduling

    • Ad Extensions and How to Use That


  • Module 13 – Display Ads by Google
    • Display Ad Introduction

    • Responsive and Non-responsive Display Ads

    • Standard Sizes for Display Ads

    • Impression Calculation and How to Choose Right Strategy

    • Designing Creatives and Banners for Google Display Ad


  • Module 14 – Video Ads by Google
    • Benefits of Running Video Ads

    • Setup Live Video Ad

    • Optimize the Delivery of Video Ad

    • Creating Ad Copy for Video Ad

    • Budget and Bidding for Video Ads


  • Module 15 – Universal Apps Ad by Google
    • Introduction

    • How to Setup Universal Apps Ad

    • Use of Smart Ads

  • Module 16 – Shopping Ad by Google
    • Live Scenario Discussion on Shopping Ads

    • Setup Shopping Ad

    • Google Merchant Center Live Deployment

    • Data Customization and Import

    • Integration with Platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify for Data Feed

    • Up-sell and Cross-sell Techniques

    • Keyword Optimization of Shopping Ads


Module 17 – Google Ads Re-marketing

    • Benefits of re-marketing campaign

    • How to target engaged visitors


  • Module 18 – Social Media Marketing
    • What is SMM?

    • Importance of Social Media Marketing

    • Future Scope and Forecast

    • Get Maximum Engagement on Social Media

    • Tools to Manage Social Media Effectively

    • Track, Analyze and Explore Social Media Insights


  • Module 19 – Facebook for Business
    • Create Facebook Page

    • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Optimize Facebook Page for Better Engagement and Conversion

    • Facebook Publishing Tools

    • Desktop Live Setup and Scheduling

    • Facebook Groups Introduction

    • Setting up Facebook Group

    • Optimize Group for Better Productivity

    • Post Scheduling Tools

    • Facebook Ads Overview

    • Running Brand Awareness Ads

    • Lead Generation, Traffic, Message, Video Views, Engagement Ads

    • Pixel

    • Facebook Events Tracking

    • Sales Catalogue Ads

    • Conversion Ads

  • Module 20 – Twitter for Business
    • How to Use Twitter Effectively for Businesses

    • Terminologies

    • Twitter Lists, Moments

    • Tweetdeck and other social media tools

    • Scheduling Tweets with hashtags

    • Managing Twitter like Pro


  • Module 21 – Linkedin for Business
    • Introduction

    • Profile Optimization for Personal Branding

    • Creating Business Page in Linkedin

    • Manage Business Listing and People

    • Build Network on Linkedin

    • Linkedin Premium Plans & Benefits

    • Pulse for Content Marketing

    • Linkedin Ads Overview


  • Module 22 – Instagram for Business & Personal Branding
    • Instagram Personal, Business & Creator

    • Getting Engagement on Instagram

    • Follower Building Tips and Tricks

    • Timeline Customization with Creative Templates

    • Instagram Stories for Effective Engagement

    • Instagram Reels

    • Tools to Design Graphics and Videos for Instagram

    • Instagram Ads


  • Module 23 – Quora Marketing
    • Introduction

    • Question/Answer on Quora

    • How to Use for Marketing

    • Getting Leads from Quora

    • Making Money with Quora Publishing

    • Ranking Answers on top with Live Customization

    • Quora Ads Overview


  • Module 24 – Pinterest Marketing
    • Introduction and Benefits of Pinterest

    • SEO Ranking Tips related to Pinterest

    • Board, Pins and other terminologies

    • Reach Millions of Views on Pinterest

    • Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing


  • Module 25 – Snapchat Marketing
    • Setting up Snapchat Account

    • Use Snapchat for Engagement

    • Reach New Customers via Snapchat

    • Geo Stories for More Visibility

    • Snapchat for Businesses


  • Module 26 – Email Marketing
    • Introduction

    • Bulk Email Scheduling and Management Tools

    • Email Automation

    • Tagging and Segmentation

    • Workflow Automation

    • Subscriber List Building Tools


  • Module 27 – YouTube Marketing
    • Channel Setup on YouTube

    • Video Upload and Management

    • Video Optimization

    • Keyword Research for YouTube

    • Getting Views Blueprint for YouTube


  • Module 28 – eCommerce Marketing
    • Overview

    • Setting up eCommerce Website

    • Payment Integrations

    • Shipping Setup

    • Terminologies and Tools to Setup Online Shops

    • Managing Sales and Orders

    • Upsell and Cross-sell Orders


  • Module 29 – Mobile Marketing
    • Getting Customers using Apps

    • Creating Apps using Tools

    • Mobile Version of Sites and Landing Pages

    • Apps Stats


  • Module 30 – Bulk SMS Marketing
    • Overview

    • SMS Types – Transactional, Promotional and OTP

    • SMS Gateways Setup and Customization

    • Website Integration for Bulk SMS

    • Setting up Bulk SMS Business

  • Module 31 – WhatsApp Marketing
    • Overview

    • Setting up WhatsApp for Business

    • Providing Business Support with WhatsApp

    • Engaging Prospects with WhatsApp

    • Live Case Studies of WhatsApp Businesses

    • Analytics for WhatsApp

    • Bulk Messaging Tools for WhatsApp


  • Module 32 – Affiliate Marketing
    • Introduction

    • Product Selection for Affiliate Marketing

    • Affiliate Networks – ClickBank, ShareaSale, CJ, Maxbounty

    • Setting up Affiliate Landing Page

    • First Sale of Affiliate Product

    • eCommerce Affiliate Program Membership

    • Setting up own Affiliate System


  • Module 33 – Drop-shipping
    • Overview

    • Setting up Dropshipping Store

    • Integration with Popular Stores

    • Shopify Store Setup

    • Landing Page for Dropshipping

    • Product Selection Blueprint

    • Making Money with Dropshipping Stores

    • Live Case Studies with Products


  • Module 34 – Content Marketing
    • Introduction

    • Writing Content with optimized Title

    • Content Stats and Analysis

    • Emotional Quotient in Content for Marketing

    • Uniqueness Check and Producing Unique Content

    • Content Spy Tools

    • Setting up Professional Looking Blog

    • Generating Effective Content Ideas

    • Optimize the Writing

    • Blog SEO

    • Content Promotion

    • Growing Email List from Day 1

    • Monetizing The Blog

    • Live Case Studies with Traffic Stats Check


  • Module 35 – Online Reputation
    • Overview

    • Business Reputation Test Online

    • Reputation Management Tools

    • Tracking and Spying Competition Reputation

    • Building Online Reputation using Platforms


  • Module 36 – Growth Hacking
    • Overview

    • Importance of Growth Hacking

    • Persona Development Strategies for Targeted Audience

    • Data Driven Decision Making

    • UI/UX Changes for Dynamic Growth

    • Growth Hacking Case Studies Walk-through


  • Module 37 – Influence Marketing
    • Overview and Objective

    • Finding Right Influencers

    • Asses The Influencers

    • Connect with Influencers

    • Standard Payment Terms

    • Performance Optimization


  • Module 38 – Make Money with Adsense
    • Overview

    • Setting up Adsense Account

    • Adsense Ad Setup on Websites

    • Optimized Delivery of Ads

    • Improve eCPM of Google Ads on Websites

Module 39 – Online Business Setup

  • Business Planning

  • Opportunity of Businesses Online

  • Setting up the business

  • Legal Issues and How to Handle

  • Payment Options

  • Getting First Customer Online


  • Module 40 – Online Press Releases
    • Overview

    • Writing First Press Release

    • Online PR to Spread the Word

    • Backlink and Online PR

    • Free Tools to Manage Online PR

    • Publishing on Popular Portals on Single Click


  • Module 41 – Sales Funnel Introduction
    • What is Sales Funnel

    • Setup a Sales Funnel for Better ROI

    • Challenges in Sales Funnels

    • Tools to Setup Sales Funnels

    • Running Ads for Sales Funnels

    • Pixel Tracking in Sales Funnels


  • Module 42 – Lead Generation and Management
    • Managing Leads in CRM

    • Lead Tracking


  • Module 43 – Marketing Automation
    • API Integrations

    • Automation in Social Media

    • Automation in Email Marketing

    • Automation in Affiliate Marketing

    • Automation in Digital Delivery

    • Automation in eCommerce


  • Module 44 – Conversion Multiplier
    • High Converting Landing Pages

    • 20+ Examples to Learn from Case Studies

    • Common Roadblocks in Conversion

    • Copy writing for Better Conversion

    • A/B Testing for Better Conversion

  • Bonus Modules

    • Bonus 1 – Interview Preparation
    • Bonus 2 – Case Studies Brainstorming
    • Bonus 3 – Strategy Building
    • Bonus 4 – Freelance 101
    • Bonus 5 – Digital Marketing Agency Setup
    • Bonus 6 – eBook Writing
  • Revision Module

    • Recap Session 1 – Website Building
    • Recap Session 2 – SEO
    • Recap Session 3 – Google Ads
    • Recap Session 4 – Facebook Ads
    • Recap Session 5 – Affiliate Marketing
    • Recap Session 6 – Online Business Setup

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