2-Days Online Workshop by Tanmayee Ma'am

Pro Mobile Video Editing Workshop Online Hybrid

9'th & 10'th April | 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Create Amazing Videos with Transitions, Masking and Effects using Your Smartphone

What You'll learn in this workshop

Change Colors of Cloths Transition

Change color of cloths or even change the cloths with transition. Very popular on Instagram

Create Neon Effect videos

In dance or regular videos, add a neon effect to make it cool & vibrant.

Create Duplicate Self

Duplicate yourself on screen with the technique. Make it look smooth in video

Stop motion Animation

Create digital ads with stop motion animation in company.

Face replace technique

Changing the facein original video and create a funny or impactful content

Speed Ramping videos on mobile

Amazing speed adjustment and ramping in video to have the next level editing

Tanmayee Deshpande

Certified Premier Pro Editor • Digital Creator

A certified Premier Pro Expert and Video Editor Tanmayee Deshpande works on different types of videos. Whether it is social media videos or ads, she uses multiple tools and applications on daily basis.

Tanmayee Deshpande - Staenz Digital Marketing Academy Co-founder

Workshop is designed for

Digital Creators

If you like to create videos for Instagram or YouTube, this workshop will help you with new techniques.

Owners of Online Business

For your own business, learn and understand how to product an amazing videos. Showcase your story with a perfectly designed video.

Wannabe Influencer

Planning to have thousands of followers on Instagram or other platforms? Learn to create a viral content video with your smartphone.

Video Editor

Traditional video editing work is now outdated. It's time to upgrade your skill and learn the new-age techniques.

Online Video Editing Workshop Starts In

Here's how things are going to change for you

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Start creating engaging videos on social media

Add smooth transition and effects using mobile phone

Produce viral videos to get more likes and comments

Improve brand presence and engagement via videos

Become influencer by producing creative videos and content

Build better presence on Instagram and YouTube

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This is an online workshop. You can attend the workshop via Zoom link shared by the team.

No, the amount is non-refundable.

Tanmayee Deshpande (fitvidgirl) is going to conduct the workshop. She is a certified Premier Pro expert.

Standard ticket of Rs. 899/- covers 2-Days workshop. You don’t need to buy any separate ticket for Day 2.

Register For The Workshop

Attend 2 Days Practical Based Workshop on Producing Amazing Videos for the web. Instagram Reels, Transitions, Effects and Masking, all these things to catch maximum eyeballs and engagement.

9'th & 10'th April 2022 | 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM