When you plan to learn something new, it’s very important to see if there is a connect between you and the mentor. Demo class allows you to take proper decision based on a real life experience of actual class.

How to Attend Free Demo Class of Digital Marketing?

We offer demo class in two formats:

  • Online Demo Class using Skype or Zoom
  • Classroom Demo at our Nashik center

Register for the demo class as per your convenience and our team will get in touch with you. We conduct a demo class on regular basis every week. Our mentor will take a 1 hour class just like a regular class and teach you a particular topic related to digital marketing.

Benefits of Attending a Demo Class before joining Regular Program:

  • Get an idea about the teaching method
  • Meet Your Mentor
  • Discuss any questions that you have related to the course
  • See if you understand the topics shared in class
  • Reduce risk of wasting time, money and energy

Attendee's Testimonial

Classroom Demo