Buy iPhone 4S in India via Aircel and Airtel from Nov 25

India is not in the official list of countries where Apple will start shipping iPhone 4S by end of this year, but couple of mobile carriers have planned to sell the device from November 25. Aircel and Airtel has confirmed that they will start selling Apple iPhone 4S from end of this month and as per the Aircel website, they will start taking the preorder from November 18.
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Unlimited Data Plan for Apple IPhone from Sprint

What AT&T and Verizon didn’t give is expected to come from Sprint. Apple iPhone users can get unlimited data plans from Sprint from next month and enjoy unlimited web surf, videos etc. on their awesome phone. According to the latest reports, Sprint is coming with unlimited data plans which is currently not available on any service provider. Here is the available data plans of AT&T and Verizon AT&TVerizon 200...
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15 Million iPhone 5 To Ship from September 2011

According to the recent reports, Apple has placed an order to manufacture 15 million iPhone 5 to a Chinese company named Pegatron. This order should complete by September and the device should be ready for shipment. That means iPhone 5 is coming as per the expectation by September of this year only. The next generation iPhone is not having much enhancement as compared to current iPhone 4, that’s...
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White iPhone 4 coming on April 26, Verizon’s Inventory Database have that

Delayed…. delayed and further delayed, but finally it is coming. As per some strong reports coming out, White color iPhone 4 is expected to come by end of April. The date which is coming out as launch date for White iPhone 4 is April 26, 2011. From the very start of iPhone launch, there were so many rumors in the market for White iPhone as lot many people were expecting this color iPhone from Apple....
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iPhone 4 officially coming to India via Bharti Airtel

After almost a year since official launch, iPhone 4 is coming to India through official channels via mobile operator Bharti Airtel. Now web sphere is full with the rumors on Apple iPhone 5 and still countries like India is waiting for official launch of iPhone 4. Apple started selling iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010 in countries like US, UK, France, Germany, Japan but like other product launch, Apple avoided...
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iPhone 5 Rumors and Leaked Pictures

Apple is working on iPhone 5 i.e. next generation iPhone (after iPhone 4). Today, the news and updates should be related to iPad 2 which is almost available. In next few hours, people will start getting new iPad 2 in their hand (directly from Apple Retails or other places). But after the next generation iPad tablet, Apple is also aiming for next generation iPhone. This time, they are planning for bigger...
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iPhone 5 will come with A5 Processor

Apple iPad 2 is almost here and is having A5 processor which is a dual core much faster processor than the previous A4. iPad 2 is the first device which will ship with A5 processor and now developers ripped apart the iOS 4.3 to know more about the processor. What they found over there is really a good news for iPhone 5 buyers. Yes, iPhone 5 is in progress and is expected by end of this year. The iPad...
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Verizon iPhone is Here, Pre-Order starts from 3’rd Feb and available from 10’th Feb

At CES 2011, the speculation was on peek about the announcement of iPhone from Verizon. The CDMA iPhone was expected to launch this year, and finally it is here. Verizon iPhone will be available from 10’th Feb 2011. On 11’th Jan press conference, Verizon announced the iPhone for their network. Since last three years, the iPhone service was only available from AT&T and lot many people complained...
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Verizon will announce CDMA iPhone on 1/11/11 i.e. Tuesday

Verizon announced so many Android phones and 4G LTE supported phones in CES 2011 till now. But recently they released an invitation for a separate event on 11’th January 2011 ie. Tuesday. According to WSJ, Verizon is going to announce the CDMA iPhone which is exacted to be similar as iPhone 4 but with CDMA network. It is not clear yet, that whether Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be present in that event...
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Official Google Voice App approved by Apple, coming soon on iPhone

After a long time, Apple has approved the official Google Voice App and it is expected to be available from next week for iPhone. After the approval, Google needs to do some customization for iPhone 4 and iOS multitasking capabilities. As we al know that earlier in last July, Apple had rejected the Google Voice App and that created so much buzz at that time. But in September 2010, Apple released a...
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