Hello Nokia Maps, Bye Bye Bing Maps – Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 will have Nokia Maps with 3D navigation and hardware acceleration. It will kick out Bing Maps from Windows phone devices and use feature rich Nokia Maps in all Window Phone.
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Video showing Gmail App for Android Flickering and Unresponsive Issue

It all started since today morning. Android users started seeing flickering on their screen while opening the Gmail app for Android. As the issue has been reported from different devices, it seems that Google has done some changes on their server which is causing this issue. The problem is not appearing on each and every device but in case you are facing this problem, checkout the solution to read...
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Gmail App for Android facing problem? Simple Solution till the fix comes

There are reports coming from different Android users about the issues related to the Gmail App for Android. They are not able to check their emails using the application as it is either flickering or not responding. The complaints are coming from users with different devices like HTC Evo 4G, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid 2, Nexus One, Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy SII, Motorola Atrix and many more. As the error...
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United States is the 4’th Craziest Country about Android Apps, South Korea Leads

Google is celebrating the 10 billion Android Apps downloads and even they are giving huge discount on some premium apps from the market. Now continuing with the celebration mood, they have released an infographic with the details about the downloads of those 10 billions apps. They have shared the top downloaded category, top countries where people downloaded android apps, popular time to download and...
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Buy iPhone 4S in India via Aircel and Airtel from Nov 25

India is not in the official list of countries where Apple will start shipping iPhone 4S by end of this year, but couple of mobile carriers have planned to sell the device from November 25. Aircel and Airtel has confirmed that they will start selling Apple iPhone 4S from end of this month and as per the Aircel website, they will start taking the preorder from November 18.
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Siri like Voice Assistant App for Android

iPhone 4S is having Siri which gained popularity even from day one of its launch. Actually Siri was a separate app before iPhone 4S and Apple acquired that company back in April, 2011 and then integrated that with iOS 5. If you liked the Siri App for iPhone but not having that Apple product with you, you can enjoy that kind of application on Android as well with Jeannie. Google is planning to provide...
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Phone plus Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note Launched in India–Price, Technical Specification, Availability

Are you ready to pay Rs. 35,000 for a Smartphone with a large screen? Samsung has launched the Smartphone named “Galaxy Note” in India for Rs. 34,990. This phone is having a large screen of 5.3 inches and that’s why you can call it phone plus tablet. You will also get an exclusive stylus named S-Pen with this phone to write something. Now you get why it is named as “Galaxy Note”, right. Samsung...
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Give your old Android Phone the 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Look

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ICS is coming on November 17 with Google Galaxy Nexus smartphone. This new version of Android is coming with lot many new features like voice typing, Android Beam, panoramic camera and many more but for that you will either have to purchase Galaxy Nexus or upgrade the current phone to 4.0. The upgrade also depends on the release by the company who’s product you are...
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Amazon Kindle Fire Unveiled with No 3G, No Camera but 7 Inch Display and Silk Browser

Wi-Fi only Android tablet from Amazon is here. It is named as “Kindle Fire”, and we are going to talk about the extra “Fire” that has been added to the very popular “Kindle” product from Amazon itself. Today, Amazon unveiled a much-anticipated Android tablet with 7 inch display panel and the most interesting part of this launch is the pricing. They have set the retail price of this tablet...
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Step by Step Guide to Upgrade LG Optimus One P500 to Android 2.3 Gingerbread from FroYo

Better late than Never, I think LG followed this popular idiom in releasing the Android 2.3 update for one of the best selling Android phone of company i.e. LG Optimus One P500.     Earlier we had reported that Gingerbread update for this phone is coming in May 2011 but finally the company has released this update by end of August. Early updates in few countries were buggy, here you can find the...
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