How To Schedule Tweets or Facebook Status on Hootsuite

If you are a twitter addict and having lot many interesting things to tweet, then  would suggest you to try scheduling your tweets for full day. By scheduling tweets or Facebook status, you can actually post tweets or update Facebook Profile on proper interval which will not irritate your followers by receiving lot many tweets in day from you. Hootsuite is a web application for sharing posts, links, thoughts on Twitter, Facebook etc like social media and networking sites. You can use “Scheduling” feature of Hootsuite to schedule your tweets or FB Status. Here is the step by step guide on how to schedule tweets on Hootsuite.

Scheduling Tweets or Facebook Status on Hootsuite

schedule tweets hootsuite

  • Login to Hootsuite with your ID and Password
  • I am assuming that you have added your Twitter ID and Facebook account on Hootsuite
  • Go ahead and write your tweet on Hootsuite post box
  • Now click on the “Calendar” like icon below the box. You can see “Alt Text” as “Schedule Message” on that icon
  • Click on that icon to get a calendar with date and time. Select proper date and time for scheduling the message.
  • Now select your Twitter or Facebook or both account to post the message at scheduled time
  • Now click on “Schedule” to schedule the message on selected date and time

Done! Now you can see your scheduled message on the account dashboard under “Pending Tweets” column. You don’t need to be online on schedule time as the message is saved on Hootsuite cloud and that will be posted on time automatically.  


  • Thank you for posting this information, I was looking on how to view and cancel scheduled tweets in Hootsuite.
    Thaks again. 🙂

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