Siri like Voice Assistant App for Android

iPhone 4S is having Siri which gained popularity even from day one of its launch. Actually Siri was a separate app before iPhone 4S and Apple acquired that company back in April, 2011 and then integrated that with iOS 5. If you liked the Siri App for iPhone but not having that Apple product with you, you can enjoy that kind of application on Android as well with Jeannie. Google is planning to provide voice recognition app with Ice Cream Sandwich i.e. Android 4.0 but till then you can show-off Android’s Siri oops Jeannie to iPhone folks.

Android is having lot many Siri like voice assistant app and one of my favorite is Jeannie. You just need to click on the app to start talking to the phone. Here is what Jeannie can do for you.

Jeannie can,

  • Set alarms and reminders
  • Send text messages and email
  • Voicedial your contacts
  • Listen to music and poems
  • Get news, facts and translations
  • Search images, videos, apps and places


Just like Siri, you can tell Jeannie to set alarm in your Android phone Or you can tell her to text your friend Or you can ask her to set a reminder in your phone. Jeannie is also available for iPhone but I don’t think you need Jeannie when you are having Siri.

There are many other fake Siri apps on Android Market as well. You can try them on your phone but I don’t think you need other voice assistant on same phone if you have installed Jeannie.

Hey Jeannie, where is your friend Siri?

Jeannie – She is facing outage and is in ICU.

Get Jeannie from Android Market


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