Amazon Kindle Fire Unveiled with No 3G, No Camera but 7 Inch Display and Silk Browser

Wi-Fi only Android tablet from Amazon is here. It is named as “Kindle Fire”, and we are going to talk about the extra “Fire” that has been added to the very popular “Kindle” product from Amazon itself. Today, Amazon unveiled a much-anticipated Android tablet with 7 inch display panel and the most interesting part of this launch is the pricing. They have set the retail price of this tablet as $199. Yes, its true. So what are you going to get in $199 with this Amazon Kindle Fire?


Technical Specification of Amazon Kindle Fire

Alright, apart from 7 inch display panel, this Android tablet is having below specification,

  • 1024 x 600px display resolution
  • 8 GB storage (other than Amazon Cloud Storage)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/x
  • No 3G
  • No Camera (front or rear)
  • 8 hours battery backup without Wi-Fi

Still it is not clear that how much RAM is available in this device and which processor is running in the core. Expectation is that around 512 MB RAM would be present and the 800 MHz dual core processor must be running inside (it’s a guess).

What is this Silk Browser?

Amazon Kindle Fire is coming with new web browser developed for the device only. The name is “Silk browser” and it is going to help you experience the much faster web on this tablet. The browser is designed in such way that it will cut down the TCP communication, DNS resolution, Image rendering, CSS and JavaScript rendering as well. These tasks will be performed and shared with Amazon Cloud EC2. So Silk browser is going to make your Kindle Fire tablet a bit faster and less sluggish.

Here is the introduction video for Silk Browser,

So who are the competitors?

Hmm… Android tablet at $199 from Amazon is definitely going to give tough competition to few market players. People looking for cheap android tablets are going to give a serious consideration to this Kindle Fire but those who needs 3G and Camera may avoid this big phone. Apple Ipad, you don’t need to worry as the hardware configuration is not that much to compete with you. So finally it is going to compete with other Android tablets in the market.


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