Facebook Questions will Add Q/A Community in Social Networking giant

Facebook has officially released “Questions” and started rolling out in phases. So what is this Facebook Questions and how it adds value to the social networking giant; Facebook. As people and already interacting with their friends and family thru status, photo sharing, videos, chat and link sharing or even by liking other’s status. And now by taking the networking to the next level, Facebook has added Questions section so that people on Facebook can get relevant answers from Facebook community for any related questions.

Facebook Questions will appear on the home page of Facebook account where you can create a question and publish the same on your Facebook account. Now people on Facebook can answer your question on Facebook itself. Of course those question will be visible in Facebook search so that in future if anyone wants to use Facebook like Yahoo Answers, He or She can do the same. So yes, Facebook will add Yahoo Answers or Ask or Mahalo like feature and will give them run for money.

Here is how Facebook Questions looks on your Homepage,

Facebook Questions

One demo question on Facebook Questions

fb questions answer

Why Facebook Questions?

As Facebook is doing good on social networking and recently reached 500 million active user base then why they re adding Questions over there? Here are some valid points for this question,

  • People using status for asking questions. Now if you want to have a public question then create I from Questions so that it will become a knowledge base for everyone
  • No community is as huge as Facebook, so there is a chance to get more response for a question on Facebook
  • Make your Facebook account more interactive

Now Facebook Questions is available on few users and some of them feels that the application is awesome. But some of them are having some suggestion about the application. For example, the published questions should have a better look on wall of the user as currently it appears as a link only. But anyways, Facebook is adding more and more features to social networking platform and after Facebook Stories, this Facebook Questions is a new addition.

What do you think about Facebook Questions? What is going to be your first question when you will get Questions on your FB account?


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