Unlimited Data Plan for Apple IPhone from Sprint

What AT&T and Verizon didn’t give is expected to come from Sprint. Apple iPhone users can get unlimited data plans from Sprint from next month and enjoy unlimited web surf, videos etc. on their awesome phone. According to the latest reports, Sprint is coming with unlimited data plans which is currently not available on any service provider.

Here is the available data plans of AT&T and Verizon

200 MB$15 per month
2 GB$25 per month$30 per month
4 GB$45 per month
10 GB$80 per month
Unlimited Voice Plan$69.99 per month$69.99 per month

It is still not clear that how much Sprint charge for unlimited data plan but that will be a flat fee.

Do you need unlimited data plan on iPhone?

It depends. If you want to do more than just checking emails and updating twitter and Facebook status than you may consider this plan. Especially if you want to watch videos, movies online on your phone. Data consumption is huge in playing online video files or movies from services like Pandora and Netflix. Even for video chat the data consumption is high but still the 2GB and 4GB plans are sufficient. That’s why I would suggest you to check your current usage and than make the wise decision as the unlimited data plan will definitely be costlier than the limited bandwidth plans. If you are planning to use the iPhone for tethering and portable hotspot to access Internet on table, laptops etc. as well, then unlimited plan from Sprint will be a good choice.

Wait for couple of weeks to get more details and updates about the unlimited data plans for Apple IPhone from Sprint Nextel.


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