Remote Access Computer with Android Phone using TeamViewer App

TeamViewer is a well-known remote desktop access application for computers. Now you can enjoy those benefits in Android phone and access a remotely located computer’s screen on Android phone. Yes, the 4 inch screen of Android will show you the remote computer’s screen and you can provide help or support to your friends or clients from your phone device.

I tried the TeamViewer app on my Android phone and accessed a remotely located computer using my Wi-Fi connection at home. As it requires the TeamViewer ID and password to proceed with the connection and for that the remote computer should have TeamViewer installed. Now open the TeamViewer app on Android and enter the TeamViewer ID and Password of remote computer to connect and see the screen of that computer. Here is what I saw on my Android device screen after connecting the app.


TeamViewer app for Android comes with lot many options and features. For example, you can restart the support computer from Android device or even can make any changes from the mobile phone. You have option to use Function Keys, CTRL, Win Key, ALT key apart from the normal keys of keyboard. You can use the mouse pointer to open a desktop application or to open or close a folder on computer.

So what can be done with TeamViewer Android App?

  • Provide Technical support from anywhere
  • Access other computer of yours
  • administer critical company server
  • Restart remotely located computer
  • Use Dropbox  on computer and Android to get important files on phone from computer

Possibilities are countless.


TeamViewer for Android is definitely a nice app for remote support. You can access computer screen whether that is Windows, Mac or Linux and provide support. About the expected improvement, I think TeamViewer team can think about providing more smooth operations like not only scrolling with the pointer but with touch only as well. For example, the mouse pointer on the remote computer screen reaches the corners, then you can drag the screen after that in that direction or you always need to check the pointer and keep that over the application icon to open the same. It would be interesting to see when one will be able to open an application on remote computer using a hit on Android phone screen with finger without caring about the mouse location. But as the remote computer is not a smartphone but a normal computer where you need a mouse to open an application, TeamViewer is just doing the same.

Other than that, rest is just awesome on this remote support app. Even you can change the desktop resolution and change the wallpaper of the remote computer with this app.

Checkout other screenshots


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  • sylvester stallone

    In addition to Teamviewer, you may also try a R-HUB remote support server.

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