How To Install App on Android Device from Android Market Webstore

On Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb event on 2’nd Feb, they announced the Android Market Webstore. Now you can browse and install Android apps on your phone using this web interface. I did the same for my LG Optimus One P500 Android phone using Android Market Webstore and successfully install an app named “Posterous”. Here is the step by step process to do so.

– Go to on your computer’s browser to browse Android apps and to install them. No need to open “Android Market on your phone.

– Login with your Gmail account (Google Account)

– Find the app you want to install on your phone. If that app is free, then you can see “Install” button just below the app icon on Webstore page. For paid apps, you will have to purchase them.


– Now Google will try to find out your Android phone. If you are using Gmail app or any other Google services on your Android phone, them Google will find and display the phone name on screen with compatibility notification about the app that you have selected to download and install.


– Click on “Install” button. In next few minutes, your Android Phone notification bar will show you downloading and installing an app. That is the same app you initiated from Webstore.


No wire, no syncing required for installing apps on Android phone from Android Market Webstore.


  • dale

    i’ve tried to install some apps from android market via pc but nothing happen..
    my phone samsung galaxy ace 2.2.1.

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