Official Tweet Button are here, see how to use them

We had reported few days ago that twitter is going to release official tweet buttons, and here is the day. Finally twitter has released the share buttons which are very easy to embed on a website. There are 3 types of buttons released and they are as follows:

1. Horizontal buttons with counter

2. Horizontal button without counter

3. Vertical buttons with counter

twitter buttons

You just need to go to the Twitter button page and from there you can generate the code for your website. You can add mention twitter account so that your account will appear on each retweet.

WordPress users can install this plugin thru Dashboard to get the official twitter buttons on their self hosted WordPress blog. has already included the official twitter button which can be added thru “Appearance ==> Extras” section on your dashboard.

Go ahead and start using Twitter’s official tweet buttons. If you are using Tweetmeme buttons on your site, then you may keep that as Tweetmeme is not going to discontinue their support. Twitter is using their own short URL account and the best part is that the shortened URL’s will live for long long time as they are owned by Twitter only.


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