Facebook Like page for SHOCKING Hidden Message in Google Logo is FAKE

These days, you may see lot many facebook user’s status as “SHOCKING Hidden Message In The Google Logo! You wont believe this!” and then you may go to that page and follow those steps to see the hidden message. But believe me there is no hidden message in Google’s logo. Owner of the site is just doing it to have lot many Facebook fans. Once you will click on the message written above on your Facebook wall, you will be landed to truthsggl.co.cc and there you will be asked to become fan of a facebook page and then they may ask for something else and then the page will redirect you to other site.

shocking hidden message

That final site is having a post where they are showing a Google Doodle posted by Google in 2008. That doodle was having a creative way to show year 2008 in numbers. And then the bottom of the doodle was having term “syn syn ack ack” in a colorful way. That means “Three way handshake”. Here is the link to the final website where you will be taken after becoming fan of the page,


Google is a very clean search engine and there is nothing hidden in their logo. Their logo is a clean and decent logo which just reveals that live your life in a colorful way.


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